Urgent care franchising may seem like the perfect solution to expand your urgent care footprint. You seek a strong franchise that will assist your startup process and deliver continued support as you grow your customer base. And you should! But you may be searching in the wrong place.

Urgent Care Consultants eliminates the imposing fees and demands of a franchise and delivers everything you need to begin and grow your venture. We outlined some common goals in the table below, and exposed how the franchising model falls short.

Franchising Goal

Partner with a nationally recognized brand.

Franchising Reality

Urgent care clinics operate in highly localized circles. Unlike retail, dining, or lodging industries, a nationally recognized brand name has not emerged. This means building patient volume will mirror an independent center no matter the name.

Receive business plan templates, operating manuals, policies and procedures, and marketing plans.

Following templates does not assure success in execution because each urgent care operation varies widely. Template-implementation causes entrepreneurs to skip important decision-making steps by ignoring the due diligence, detailed analysis, and local knowledge required to develop a lasting venture.

Implement standardized operations to provide a positive patient experience.

Adherence to standards limits owner control over patient experience and requires ongoing capital expenditure to maintain franchise brand standards. This limits the owner’s ability to creatively adapt the operating model to the local environment.

Gain access to a network of fellow owners with common objectives and business goals.

A misalignment of incentives between the franchisee and franchisor causes a contrast in business priorities. While the franchisee profits from patient volume; the franchisor profits from new-location volume. This means single-site owners must yield to franchisees who own large, multi-unit territories.

Align with a proven business model that provides predictable revenues and margins.

Franchise models cannot guarantee success because each urgent care operation requires immense day-to-day execution from local management. Additionally, franchisors impose high initial and ongoing franchise fees, which reduces profitability versus doing it yourself.

Mistake #1: Wasting Money on Unnecessary Expenses

Mistake #1: Wasting Money on Unnecessary Expenses

Delivering outstanding medical care is a great goal. But being America’s best urgent care clinic in a saturated market may still lead to a great failure in starting an urgent care clinic.